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Yoga combines physical exercise with breathwork, diet, relaxation and meditation to cultivate a healthy body and mind. It’s a 5,000-year-old practice involving postures, gentle exercise, breathing techniques and relaxation.

The many physical benefits to yoga include improved flexibility and balance, enhanced cardiovascular fitness and increased energy levels. But yoga is also proven to provide relief from stress, prevent conditions related to stress, and improve decision-making skills.

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Find what feels good

A colleague introduced me to ‘Yoga with Adriene’ in 2017 and I was instantly hooked. Fronted by international yoga instructor and actress Adriene Mischler, her YouTube channel has more than nine million subscribers.

Adriene’s free videos are designed for people of all ages, genders, abilities and body types. You can search for a practice that suits your mood, or you can take part in a ’30 Days of Yoga’ challenge, all from the comfort of your own home.

If you’ve not practised yoga before, check out Adriene’s Yoga for Beginners and Foundations of Yoga series. If you’re looking for something more intense, give the Yoga for Weightloss or Total Body Yoga playlists a try. No fancy yoga studio required.

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Why I love Yoga with Adriene

I’ve been practising yoga on and off for about four years, and it’s the one exercise that I have stuck with and continue to enjoy.

Besides improving my overall flexibility and strength, yoga has also helped me to become more self-aware and feel more in control of my emotions. After sitting for long periods, I now feel my body calling on me to go for a walk or to adjust my posture.

Adriene’s wicked sense of humour shines through in her videos and act as a great reminder to not to take yourself too seriously. ‘Be present and enjoy the moment’ is one of her many inspiring mantras. She also has a cute dog named Benji, who sometimes makes an appearance.

The videos are easy to fit into your day, averaging at around 20 to 30 minutes in length. They are encouraging but also recognise that yoga is a journey and that it’s not about achieving the perfect posture.

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My favourite videos

Yoga for Migraines
This video is designed to help anyone suffering from a headache or a migraine, although it’s a great practice to do regardless. No headache required!

Adriene invites you to bring a small towel, a pillow and some water to this practice, but you can just as easily follow the video without them.

Yoga for Anxiety
I like to follow this video when I have something important coming up or when I’m feeling overwhelmed. It contains an exercise called alternate nostril breathing which is believed to sharpen the mind and improve mental clarity.

Runner’s Yoga
I’m certainly no runner, but this video was incredibly useful when I was following the couch to 5k app last year. I have really tight hamstrings, and there are some great poses in here to stretch and soothe tired muscles.

Yoga for Writers
This supportive practise is designed to refresh and revitalise your brain and body. Use it to create a healthy flow of energy and get those creative juices flowing!

Yoga for Bedtime
A delicious wind-down practise that reduces tension in the mind and prepares your body for a good night’s rest. Pyjamas are optional!

Are you a fan of Yoga with Adriene? I’d love to know what your favourite videos are and why. Let me know in the comments below!


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